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Scream 08: Darren Bousman Talks ‘Repo!’ Trilogy



Rocking the red carpet of last night’s Scream Awards was Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Lionsgate’s Repo! The Genetic Opera, which arrives in limited theaters November 7th. While talking with Bloody-Disgusting, Bousman revealed to us that he has big plans for the franchise if the first performs well. You can read all about it inside and watch thsi spot for a new review from the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in the coming week.
Darren Lynn Bousman tells us that not only would he like to make a prequel to REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, but also that the franchise is a conceived trilogy.

Yes, I would love to make REPO! 2,” Bousman tells Bloody-Disgusting. “It was designed as a three part movie,” explaining that “The REPO! opening [in theaters] November 7th would be the middle chapter.

He also tells us that REPO! star Alexa Vega is already onboard for the prequel, would it ever happen and that Paris Hilton might not be involved.

Regarding Paris – the next one I would love to do would be a prequel – so its uncertain about Paris.

But like all movies, it’s so incredibly early to really talk sequel, so Bousman exclaims, “Let’s open REPO!… then we will worry about the second!

In the not-so-distant future when an epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet, scientists gear for a massive organ harvest. A biotech giant comes up with easy organ payment plans, but all financed organs are subject to legal default, including repossession at the hands of repo men.


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