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Scream 08: Big News on ‘Friday the 13th’ Finale!



One of next year’s most anticipated horror films is New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures’ Friday the 13th, which arrives in theaters February 13, 2009. Last night at the 2008 Scream Awards, teen stars Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti were on hand to introduce the footage shown from the film (read about it here). B-D’s SpookyDan caught up with the duo who talked about their excitement for the “re-imagining” (as they called it) and about the finale of the film (beware of spoilers).

*Spoiler Warning

This past Wednesday, the film was tested with the first ever audience in Long Beach, California. Amanda Righetti, who plays Whitney in the remake, tells us that she “heard it went fantastic.”

But the more they talked, the more excited Righetti got (you could literally see her eyes light up).

I went in for a little bit of ADR,” she continues, “[I] saw a couple of pieces of it and it looks really goooooood,” she exclaims with pure excitement in her voice. “I’m excited, Im really excited! We are all such a tight knit group.

The big news comes from teen heartthrob Jared Padalecki, who plays Clay in the film. Clay is searching for his missing sister played by Amanda Righetti.

Without giving too much away, Padalecki implies to Bloody-Disgusting that the finale of the film could be a “dream sequence”, an homage to the original. Basically he said that it’s open to interpretation, much like the first film from 1981.


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