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Matt Reeves Talks ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel Ideas and Delay



It still comes as a shock to me that nearly a year after the success of Cloverfield that the announced sequel isn’t already in production. Beyond the massive DVD and Blu-ray sales, the movie made over $170m worldwide at the box office on a modest $25m budget. Inside you can read director Matt Reeves update on the delay, which continues to be blamed on finding “the right story”. Sounds ridiculous to me.
Reeves says that talks have been frequent if sporadic over the last nine months. “At times it’s gone dormant and then its come back up again,” Reeves tells MTV of the brainstorming over a sequel.

There are a couple ideas that have potential but we haven’t quite cracked it yet,” says Reeves. Trying to pin down just what those “Cloverfield” sequel ideas are though is easier said than done. One thought was to return to the source of the inspiration for the film. “When we were in Japan we thought, wouldn’t it be cool to do it here,” he said.

One things seems certain. Don’t expect a traditional sequel picking up right after the first with the same (still living) characters. Rather the filmmakers behind the hit film have discussed a sequel that “wasn’t necessarily right after that night but had intersections with the original.

He also reveals that instead of directing the film, they might bring some new, young talent into the fold and J.J. and Reeves would produce the sequel.

As for ever seeing another monster attack, the story just keeps coming back to “if the story is right,” which sounds more like an excuse than anything. It’s looking more like they’ll work on it when they have free time. Right now J.J. Abrams is finishing up his STAR TREK film, while Reeves has a remake of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and THE INVISIBLE WOMAN on his plate.


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