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13 Days of F13: Day Five – Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter



Today we look at what is considered by many to be the best film of the Friday the 13th series: The Final Chapter. Grossly inaccurate title aside, this one offers just about everything you could ask for in a Friday film: gory kills (and lots of em), unabashed nudity, and a guy yelling “He’s killing me!” as Jason kills him. Keep reading after the break for BC’s thoughts on the film as we continue our massive coverage on this beloved series.
13 Days of Friday the 13th

For a horror fan, there is no escaping Jason Voorhees or Friday the 13th. Even if you have never seen a single movie (for shame!), you know who he is, what he does, and what he looks like. But that’s from my perspective. I grew up in the 80s, played the video game on a system known simply as Nintendo (now referred to as “The 8 Bit”), and suffered the indignity of that comic where he fought a talking Leatherface.

But what about those who grew up in the Jason-starved 90s? The only Jason films they might remember in theaters are the ones where he fights Freddy or goes off into space. The remake may be their first real introduction to the hockey masked behemoth that stalks teenagers at a place known as Crystal Lake. So for them, Bloody Disgusting and Horror Movie A Day would like to present this retrospective series: 13 Days Of Jason. Each day leading up to the remake’s theatrical release, BC will be showcasing one of the original films, with trivia, factoids, thoughts, and his own full blown review.

Bloody will also be presenting a few other articles that highlight some of the series’ traditions, such as the lovesick nerd character and Jason’s habit of using unique weapons. Because even if you don’t agree with BC’s assessment of each film, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Jason fucking rules.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER write your own review

AKA: “The one with Corey Feldman (or Crispin Glover)”
RELEASE: April 13, 1984 (1,594 theaters)
GROSS: $32,980,880

PLOT: Right after the end of 3, Jason is brought to the morgue with his hockey mask still on. He kills some folks and heads back to Crystal Lake, where he finds a family who apparently lives there (the TWO murder sprees that occurred over the weekend didn’t bother them much), and some horny teens for good measure. He kills them all while evading Rob, a man who has made it his lifelong obsession to stop Jason, ever since his sister was killed a couple days ago.

THOUGHTS: Tied with 6 for my favorite entry. It’s interesting – the two movies that are just straight up Jason movies are the best ones; it’s when they have gimmicks (fake Jason! Carrie! 3D!) that the films falter. It’s one of the scarier entries, it has lots of bloody kills courtesy of Tom Savini, and even though it wasn’t at all, the “Final” battle is fucking great. Also: Crispin Glover’s legendary dancing skills.

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BEST KILL: Jason’s taking down of Crispin Glover is pretty epic: he drives a corkscrew through his hand (one of the film’s best scares) and then a cleaver through his face. And he does it all without alarming Teddy, who is sitting a few feet away.

MOST “HUH?” MOMENT: Again: Rob’s vendetta. His sister has been dead for three or four days max – can’t he at least go to her funeral before doing heavy research, packing enough hunting/camping equipment for 3 people, and heading off to the woods? Plus he dies too, so his family is having the worst week ever.

FUTURE STARS: Crispin and Corey. What else you want? Well, how about Bruce Mahler as the morgue guy? He went on to appear as the accident prone Sgt. Fackler in a few of the Police Academy movies. You happy now?

TRIVIA: Tommy Jarvis is the first male to survive an encounter with Jason. Sadly, he wouldn’t be the last – from here on out, the idea of “one GIRL left standing” was phased out entirely.

Check back tomorrow for Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning!

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