A Visit to the Set of 'Mold' - Bloody Disgusting
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A Visit to the Set of ‘Mold’



I paid a visit to the set of the Mold! this past weekend, which was shooting in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. The indie horror film directed by first timer Neil Meschino just wrapped up its principal photography. Special effects artist Jeremy Selenfriend (Aunt Rose, Pink Eye) was on hand to show Bloody Disgusting the carnage at hand.
Mold! Takes place in 1984, during the spawn of Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs. In Columbia, a mold is set loose on the coca fields – a government developed strain designed to put a kill on the plants before the drug reaches America. Things do not go according to plan, of course, and soon, MOLD is on the loose!

There are exploding hearts, melting eyeballs, mass injuries and gunshot wounds,” Jeremy explained. “This has been an awesome platform to work on, because there’s just so much open variety on the work I’m doing – sort of a blank canvas off which I’m working. I’ve gone through gallons and gallons of green mold. The stuff we’ve shot so far looks great.

I had a chance to take a look at some of what was shot, and this should be a messy horror-comedy debut for Meschino. If you’re familiar with any of Selenfriend’s films, you know that he takes the independent budget and squeezes some pretty advanced shit out of it. Check out some exclusive pics beyond the break. MOLD’s trailer should be released within the next few months.





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