Album Review: Toxic Holocaust 'Conjure And Command' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: Toxic Holocaust ‘Conjure And Command’



I have a long history of concert injuries – including the infamous flying purse to the face incident at a 2008 Dethklok show. However, a personal favorite of mine – and one that will always hold a special place in my heart – is the foot long bruise I obtained on my leg from the mosh pit at a Toxic Holocaust show.


Conjure and Command is the latest studio album from Toxic Holocaust. With a release date of July 19th, it hooks the listener with the first track – Judgment Awaits You – which stands up with the time-honored essence of TH sound. Track 3, Bitch, which was the first track to be streamed online a few weeks back, keeps up the crunch and grind while showcasing Joel Grind’s superb vocal talents.

In fact, the entire album keeps with Toxic Holocaust tradition. In the Depths (Of Your Mind) has a perfect breakdown – brief and effective – much like the classics (think War Is Hell) that came before it. The final send off, Sound the Charge simply makes one want to start the album all over again.

The album artwork, though seemingly a simple black and white art piece, offers new discovery with each inspection of its shaded, hidden imagery. There is also something about its look that has an air of maturity. It is a fact that the trio’s sound has aged like a fine wine in their 12 years of existence.

The Final Word: Simple. The album rocks. Ten amazingly efficient tracks that “beg to be heard live.” I’m definitely looking forward to it – with or without injury!


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