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The Edgar Allan ‘Poe’ Cannibalistic Killing Spree



Good bread, good meat, good God, let’s eat!” Bloody Disgusting learned that Francis Xavier’s new horror film, Poe, is set to starts production in Los Angeles this coming January. The Metropolis Pictures Entertainment production features David Fine (The Violent Kind, The Red Door, The Pursuit Of Happiness), Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination) and Stelio Savante (My Super Ex Girlfriend, Ugly Betty). Check out the full details on the Edgar Allan Poe cannibal movie, along with some early art below.
The film follows formerly acquitted and rehabilitated criminal, Dr. Andrew Casey (David Fine) who relocates to Los Angeles under the alias Jack Conway, aka ‘The Chef’. Conway and his Butler, Mr Peeples (Tony Todd) establish a respected soup kitchen/charity, ‘The Help Feeding Foundation’, which lures the likes of actresses and models under false pretense.

The women are in fact obtained to satisfy Casey’s culinary tastes. Conway handpicks respected writer, Jonathan Poe (Stelio Savante) descendant of famed writer, Edgar Allan Poe, to immortalize him in the form of an autobiography.

Poe is intrigued by Conway and his lucrative offer, and agrees to the assignment. Once at the house, Poe is forced to witness a manner of horrors without the ability to either escape or help the women who have been captured.

Resigned to his fate, Poe takes up the task at hand and begins recording the autobiography of Casey and his cannibalistic spree.

Xavier’s most recent feature film, Never on Sunday, is available for viewing through Blockbuster online.


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