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10 Comics To Feast On: Feb 22 2012



Welcome back to COMICS TO FEAST ON! As the winter thaws out to its bitter end, we’re going to see a bunch of new series popping up all over the board just in time for spring. You can expect a crapload of new horror titles heading your way in the coming weeks. This week Image’s all new series, No Place Like Home begins, Brian Keene continues his run on The Last Zombie, Snyder finishes off his Elvis influenced American Vampire arc, and plenty more.

With the ever-increasing number of books coming out, between the tie-ins, the crossovers, and the new series, we’ve got to limit our readings lists for the week somehow. We present you with our ten most anticipated books of the week. So feast your eyes on these! Whether you’ve been into comics since you were a young’un, or you’re new to the game, we’re here to help you decide which books to pick up. If I’ve missed something you’re stoked about, list it in the comments. Read on for the skinny…


The Last Zombie: Neverland #1


WRITTEN BY: Brian Keene
ILLUSTRATED BY: Rod Espinosa and Joseph Wight
PUBLISHER: Antarctic Press
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “Lost somewhere between Missouri and Iowa (after surviving the events of The Last Zombie: Inferno), the team stops to repair their vehicles and scavenge supplies. But they soon learn that they aren’t the only scavengers in town when a horde of ravenous, swarming rats attack the convoy!”

The Feast: Horror novelist extraordinaire, and one of the forerunners in undead literature, continues his zombie comic… set in a world where all the zombies are gone. Zombie’s aren’t anything new, and the horror community knows that more than anyone, but Brian Keene’s work is always a pleasure to read. We’re excited to see if he can take the played out undead plot and put spring some new life into it.

Crossed: Get Infected – C Day


WRITTEN BY: Garth Ennis
PRICE: $0.40

The Low Down: “It’s time to infect the masses this C-Day! This special book is a stark introduction to the horrific world of the Crossed featuring the original #0 issue by Ennis and Burrows as well as teasers for all the trades and the new Badlands series! Available during Crossed C-Day events at your local comic book retailers you can see for yourself why there is no help. There is no hope. There is no escape. There are only the Crossed. Ask your store how to get a copy and celebrate C-Day with the rest of us psychopaths!”

The Feast: Garth Ennis’ Crossed is a favorite among BD readers, and for good reason. The story revolves around a plague that changes people into complete bloodthirsty psychopaths, and it’s one of the goriest books around. If you haven’t been reading this indie horror dream, C-Day serves as an intro to the series just before the new storyline, Badlands begins this March. It’s only $0.40!

No Place Like Home #1


WRITTEN BY: Angelo Tirotto
ILLUSTRATED BY: Richard Jordan
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “Dee’s life is in turmoil when her parents are killed in a freak tornado. Returning to Kansas for the funeral after five years in LA, Dee discovers Emeraldsville is the same unexciting place it was when she left – until the bizarre unexplained murders begin. With an unknown killer closing in, the events of one night in 1959 begin to unravel as a portal to a world of horror opens, a portal paved with yellow bricks…”

The Feast: “Really, another play on Wizard of Oz,” you may be thinking. Yeah, but this ain’t your daddy’s version of Dorothy and her Dog. Image is bringing you a much darker version of Oz where blood and murder are a plenty. It’s always nice to see a play on a familiar text, especially when the creators turn one of the most innocent films into a complete monster.

I, Vampire #6


WRITTEN BY: Josh Fialkov
ILLUSTRATED BY: Andres Sorrentino
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “It’s a shock ending you won’t see coming! Guest star Batman grudgingly helps Andrew fight the Queen of Blood, who has taken over Gotham City with her army of vampires! But Mary’s going to lose something dear to her in the process! Come see why the Internet is raving about this great new series that mixes Super Heroes and horror!”

The Feast: I, Vampire is now fully integrated into the DC Universe, and Andrew now teams up with the big old Bat to help in his war against the Queen of Blood. While this is very much a vampire story, it doesn’t read like one, and that’s a good thing. Plus, Sorrentino’s artwork really stands out among the New 52 as some of the best.

Dark Horse Presents #9


PRICE: $7.99

The Low Down: “Comics superstar Paul Pope returns to the pages of DHP, an assassin stalks her prey aboard the world’s largest pirate ship in Annala’s Blade, and Mike Mignola’s hard-boiled pulp hero Lobster Johnson blasts his way through more of the world’s most sinister evils!”

The Feast: As we’ve told you a million damn times already, Dark Horse Presents is awesome as shit. It offers an incredible variety of talent and a little peak into what Dark Horse has in store for the future. If you’ve got the extra dough, bag this one.

All Star Western #6


WRITTEN BY: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
ILLUSTRATED BY: Moritat and Phil Winslade
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “Jonah Hex fights a giant bat to the death! But even with his winged foe slain, will he and Amadeus Arkham survive being trapped in a cave with the lost tribe of Miagani Indians? Hex and Arkham must enlist help including some familiar faces and some surprising saviors if they’re going to make it out of this death trap and bring justice to the enslaver of Gotham’s underprivileged children.”
The Feast: The Jonah Hex of the New 52 has been stellar. Taking place in old time Gotham city, Hex is made out to be the first Batman of sorts, only a little more badass. This month, Hex and Arkham try to get themselves out of that dark cave by fighting off a giant bat (some foreshadowing of events to come?). Gray and Palmiotti do a superb job of showing how things were before the Wayne’s arrived.

American Vampire #24


WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ILLUSTRATED BY: Rafael Albuquerque
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “A drag race to the death comes to a fiery end, a sworn enemy’s identity is finally revealed, and lots of blood is spilled. It’s 1955 in America and teenagers have gone wild and bloodthirsty in “Death Race” part 3!”

The Feast: Scott. Snyder.

Justice League Dark #6


WRITTEN BY: Peter Milligan
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “Enchantress has been subdued, but this team of misfits hardly knows how to celebrate when each is still wrestling with their own demons. While Zatanna and Constantine try to decide on their next steps, Deadman deals with his loss, and Shade the Changing Man tries to bring Mindwarp back from the edge of sanity, but at what cost.”

The Feast: Things are getting off to a rather slow start for JLD, and Milligan is taking his sweet time forming the actual team. While we may have hoped to see the team form after an issue or two, that’s not the way it’s going, but somehow it works. With Lemire coming on board in a few issues, it just makes the series all the more rousing.

Batman vs. Bane TP


WRITTEN BY: Chuck Dixon
ILLUSTRATED BY: Rick Burchette, graham Nolan, and Tom Palmer
PRICE: $14.99

The Low Down: “The Dark Knight battles the powerful foe who once broke his back in this new, hard-hitting collection!

In these stories, reprinted from BATMAN/BANE and BATMAN: BANE OF THE DEMON #1-4, Bane is back — and he’s out to break Gotham City as he broke Batman. All he needs to get the job done is a few nuclear weapons! Guest-starring Ra’s al Ghul and Talia!”

The Feast: With the new Nolan/Bale film coming out this summer, fanboys will undoubtedly be looking for some source material to compare the film version to. DC is doing them all a favor by re-releasing some classic Bane stories, and really any Bat-fan should snatch this up in anticipation of the summer blockbuster.

Secret Avengers #23


WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender
ILLUSTRATED BY: Gabriel Hardman
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “Who are The Descendants”

The Feast: It seems that Remender is at it again! Remender has a certain knack for putting together an unlikely team of heroes and making us love them more than our mothers. Venom enters into it this week, and if he remains a Secret Avenger, god help us all.

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