Dario Argento Talks 'Dracula 3D' in Video Tease - Bloody Disgusting
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Dario Argento Talks ‘Dracula 3D’ in Video Tease



Bloody Disgusting member ‘Harry’ tipped us off to a four-minute video teaser for Dracula 3D that features a lengthy interview with Italian director Dario Argento. “My Dracula will be a film full of feeling because Dracula is also sentimental… Dracula loves, hates, with strength, appeal and resolution, which reflects my way of making films,” he explains also taking about the character Mina. “Besides Dracula, I’m also fascinated by the character of Mina, the woman he loves desperately more than anything else, for which he will sacrifice himself.” Unlike his latest endeavors, Argento promises that his latest effort “will be a bloody, strong film.” Time will tell. Watch the full vid below.


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