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‘The Last Exorcism’ DVD/Blu-ray Possessed?



Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced a January 4 DVD/ Blu-ray and On Demand release for the Eli Roth-produced chiller The Last Exorcism. Sure, the extra features sounded interesting enough, but what came next is what I found truly interesting. Roth responded to the press release via Twitter where he explained that Lionsgate was having some issues with the home vide process — and that they are including TWO protection prayers on the release. Yah. Check out what Roth had to say below.
There were no supernatural incidents making #LastExorcism, yet 3 people quit working on the DVD because demons attempted contact.

We have a real possession victim in our special features, the problem is people working on it will no longer touch the footage. I’m serious.

People will think it’s a publicity stunt but we are actually having difficulty finding people who will finish the DVD. No one will risk it.

The DVD comes out Jan 4th in the U.S. so we have time to get it done. But once people learn why the others have quit they say no thanks.

I learned this last week when I did my commentary. I thought Lionsgate was kidding, but they weren’t. You cant make this stuff up.

Lionsgate is including TWO protection prayers on the #LastExorcism DVD at the recommendation of the exorcist on our commentary.

What say you?


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