Old-School Boll Returns! 'Bloodrayne 3', 'Blubberella' Trailers - Bloody Disgusting
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Old-School Boll Returns! ‘Bloodrayne 3’, ‘Blubberella’ Trailers



For a while it seemed like we had lost the good doctor to message movies and dramas (Darfur, Auschwitz, Tunnel Rats), but fear not! Uwe Boll is still making the sort of schlock we love him for, and we got the trailers to prove it. First up is Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, which finds Natassia Malthe returning as Rayne, fighting Nazis (who are also vampires, I hope?) during World War II. Then, the one everyone is eagerly awaiting, Blubberella, about the world’s first fat female superhero (featuring the already legendary tagline: “She will kick major ass – with her major ass”). Both films feature Boll regular Michael Paré, though Blubberella clearly has the advantage as Boll himself appears in front of the camera. The always busy Boll is already in pre-production on Bennie, a horror thriller that is NOT based on a game. In fact, apart from sequels, it appears he has ditched the whole video game adaptation genre – his last one was Far Cry, which was ten films ago! Check below for the trailers!


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