[Review] Wolves Like Us 'Late Love' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Review] Wolves Like Us ‘Late Love’



Not knowing much about Wolves Like Us, I entered into reviewing their debut album Late Love with a completely open mind. This Norwegian hardcore punk band is relatively new onto the scene with their debut album having come out in Europe this past June (coming out Sept. 13th in the US). So does this act have what it takes or are they just another drop in the bucket? Check after the jump!


Kicking off with Burns Like A Paper Rose, the first thing I noticed was the raw, just shy of harsh sound that each instrument had. Had the sound been anymore raw, it would’ve been painful. Instead, they found a sweet spot that gave the music an edge and ferocity that immediately grabbed my throat. The bass is thick and aggressive while the guitars have a great sounding mix of fuzz and distortion. The drums sound almost like they were recorded in a garage, which only serves to add to the atmosphere. The vocals are bellowed, furious, and, strangely enough, sound as though they are pleading with you, begging for your attention. 
The album sounds extremely consistent the whole way through and doesn’t really deviate from it’s sound. Perhaps Late Love shows the influences of Isis and Intronaut as the album progresses but it always stays true to the original sound. The only song that really stuck out for me was Old Dirty Paranoia and that’s because the intro sounded almost happy, a stark contrast to the grim, stark, haunting feeling that I had gotten so far. 
The album ends with the longest track of the album, To Whore With Foreign Gods. The track is brooding, building to a satisfying climax of distortion and fury. The track ends with some of the most violent thunder claps I’ve heard put to record. If that’s any indication of the rage and intensity that will be on the next album, consider me on pins and needles and already wanting it. 
The Final Word: For a debut album, Late Love have set the bar very high for each release that is to come from Wolves Like Us. Infectious, beautiful, aggressive and intense, you owe it to yourself to give this a very serious shot.


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