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Here Are Your Picks For The Best & Worst Horror Games of 2011



Remember when I asked you to tell me what your favorite (and least favorite) horror games of 2011 were? I realize that was way back in 2011 so it might be a little hazy, but it happened, and now I have the results. After slaving away over a hot computer, picking through thousands of votes across 13 categories, I now have your winners.

The biggest surprise came from how many times Dead Space 2 and Dead Island butted heads, fighting for first place; apparently you all love those two games (and for good reason). So without further ado, let’s see who the winners are!

Best DLC

First Place: Mortal Kombat – Freddy Krueger
Second Place: Dead Space 2 – Severed
Third Place: Dead Island – Bloodbath Arena

I can’t say this one came as much of a surprise, since adding Freddy Krueger to a game that’s all about killing your enemies in the most brutal, depraved, and oftentimes most embarrassing way possible. While I would’ve personally preferred the old school Robert Englund’s Freddy, that didn’t take away from his bloody appearance in Mortal Kombat.

Made For You & Me

First Place: Dead Island
Second Place: Dead Space 2
Third Place: F.3.A.R.

With 50% of the votes, Dead Island had a strong lead over the other games in this category, and rightfully so. Despite the myriad bugs many of us had to deal with, the addictive co-op, leveling up, quests, and weapon customization made this a fantastic game to play with your friends.

Honorable Mention In Horror

First Place: Gears of War 3
Second Place: Mortal Kombat
Third Place: Dark Souls

Apparently, you all aren’t quite as intimidated by Dark Souls as I am, because even though I’m a huge fan of the series, that game fucking terrifies me. But hey, Gears of War 3 was a nice choice too, so to all of you I say bravo, you have good taste.

It’s Scary How Bad It Is

First Place: Duke Nukem Forever
Second Place: Jurassic Park: The Game
Third Place: Rock of the Dead

It’s no secret I think Duke Nukem Forever shouldn’t exist, but at least now I know many of you agree with that opinion. With over 50% of the votes, this is likely to be the only list where the Duke takes the crown. Unless of course, someone makes a list called ‘The Worst Video Game Characters of the Decade’, ‘The Most Overhyped Games of 2011’, ’10 Games That Should Never Have Been Made’…etc.

Greatest Gore

First Place: Dead Space 2
Second Place: Dead Island
Third Place: Shadows of the Damned

Dead Space 2 and Dead Island went head to head again, only this time it was Isaac Clarke and friends who claimed the top spot. Even though I love the gore in all of these games, part of me would’ve liked to see Shadows of the Damned get some more love. But really, Dead Space 2 nailed it in the gore department, so I really can’t complain.

We Want It Now

First Place: Silent Hill: Downpour
Second Place: The Last of Us
Third Place: Diablo III

You all really want to get wet. That’s all right, because I do too, and when Downpour finally does come out, we can all get wet together. Another interesting fact about this category is only three votes separated second and third place. It would seem that even the Prince of Darkness couldn’t compete with broccoli zombies.

Where the Fuck Is It?

First Place: Doom 4
Second Place: Resident Evil 6
Third Place: Dead Space 3

Honestly, I thought Resident Evil 6 had this one down, so imagine my surprise when I saw Doom 4 in first place. Only 20 or so votes separated the two, but this is just more proof that id Software needs to hurry up and get their asses in gear on the next Doom. In related news, it looks like next to no one is interested in Dead Rising 3.

Best Use of Zombies

First Place: Dead Island
Second Place: Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection
Third Place: Saints Row: The Third

Ok, so I saw this one coming. No, I really did. I mean, it is a zombie game, after all, so it’d be a little weird if it didn’t win. Oh man, did this game win. With 2/3 of the votes, Dead Island climbed on top of the competition and confidently started munching on their tasty brains.

Biggest & Baddest Arsenal

First Place: Dead Space 2
Second Place: Dead Island
Third Place: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

It’s Dead Space 2 versus Dead Island again, and this time Isaac Clarke dismembers the competition yet again! That’s 2 for Isaac, 1 for… Xiao? The biggest surprise here for me was how Dead Island had almost as many votes as F.3.A.R. and Shadows of the Damned combined. Ouch.

Try Not To Shit Out Your Spine

First Place: Dead Space 2
Second Place: Dead Island
Third Place: Rise of Nightmares

What’s that? Dead Island and Dead Space 2 went head to head again? And Necromorphs beat zombies again? Come on Dead Island, you should’ve brought your A-game.

Fuck Me, That’s Original

First Place: F.3.A.R.’s F**king Run! Mode
Second Place: Shadows of the Damned’s Style
Third Place: Gears of War 3’s Beast Mode

To give you an idea of how close this one was, there was a 1% difference between first and second place. One. Percent. Garcia Fucking Hotspur was only a few votes away from claiming a reward and you all ruined it for him. You ruthlessly trampled on his dreams, and what makes this worse is you did this after all the crap he just went through saving his girlfriend from the depths of hell. What would’ve helped him get those extra votes? Should he have shown more skin, or maybe some more on-screen time with his Hot Boner? Tell me.

Yum… Bite-Sized Horror

First Place: Limbo
Second Place: Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone
Third Place: Bloodrayne: Betrayal

Limbo earned this win. With a gloomy atmosphere, incredibly clever puzzles, and a gorgeous art style, I was totally rooting for that creepy boy and his googly eyes. ‘Nuff said.

Tastiest New IP

First Place: Dead Island
Second Place: Rage
Third Place: Shadows of the Damned

Dead Island might not have lived up to everyone’s expectations, but that certainly didn’t stop it from bulldozing the competition in the Best New IP category. I’d go on, but I see Garcia took third place again, so now I’m a little sad. Seriously, you all are merciless dream crushers.

So that concludes our third annual FEAR Awards—otherwise known as the video game awards with the name that I need to change but I can’t think of anything clever so I’ve kept it the same for two years. Did you picks win? Did the games you hate lose? If Dead Space 2 and Dead Island got in a fight, who would win? Tell the world in the comments below!


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