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New Graphic Novel From Christos Gage In July



At Emerald City Comic Con this weekend Top Cow announced a new graphic novel entitled Sunset from writer Christos Gage (X-Men Legacy, Avengers Academy) and artist Jorge Lucas (The Darkness) through their Minotaur imprint. Sunset tells the story of retired Vegas mob enforcer Nick Bellamy, who finds crime barreling down his condo door. The original graphic novel is expected to hit stores on July 18th along with a $1.00, 32-page “First Look” of Sunset for fans to preview the graphic novel.

“I think the initial inspiration came from reading more and more stories of people in what we would call their ‘sunset years’ – seventies, eighties and above – accomplishing physical feats most of us would consider impossible for people their age: running marathons, fighting off muggers – hell, look at Clint Eastwood. He’s 80, and would you mess with him? I wouldn’t,” Gage told Comic Book Resources.

“From there, I started thinking about what it would be like for someone from an era gone by to suddenly be revisited by a violent past in a world that’s passed him by… and what would happen if he was still well equipped to face it.

“Sunset combines elements of noir, revenge stories, crime capers, romance – but at heart it’s what Duane Swierczynski calls ‘Old Man Noir.’ It has common ground with movies like Unforgiven, Taken and The Limey.”


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