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Zombies Vs Robots Return!



If you have not read the series Zombies Vs. Robots, you are missing out on a fanboy’s dream. Two epic groups going decaying toe to metal claw for domination of the world. IDW publishing is continuing the story in February with Zombies Vs. Robots Aventure. Aventure will take a different way to tell the stories by doing a Tales From The Crypt structure with 3 eight page stories per issue. I for one welcome the victor as our new overlords. Detailed info after the break…
zombvrobotsAventure IDW Publishing returns to the post-human world with a new Zombies vs Robots series, coming in February. Zombies vs Robots Aventure is a continuation of the original series from the Eisner-losing team of Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood that explored a world in which a group of robots try to protect the final remaining human from a planet full of zombies. The new four-issue Zombies vs Robots Aventure will feature three serialized eight-page stories per issue, each one offering a different take on the war between these two forces.

“The original Zombies vs Robots started after the war had already begun,” said Ryall. “This new series more fully fleshes out that world, so to speak. Before, we looked more at the battle between robots and zombies. In Aventure, we delve into how this fighting affected humans across the world. A couple of the stories take a darker turn than we’ve done in ZvR so far, but that undercurrent of gallows humor is never far from any of the tales we tell in this world.”

Ryall will pen each tale, continually developing the war between zombies and robots, and the role that human Zombies vs Robots Aventure RI coverhubris played in the downfall of the world. The stories in Zombies vs Robots Aventure will feature new interior artists for the first time, with design and covers coming from co-creator Wood.

The stories serialized in Aventure #1 are:
* “Kampf,” featuring art by Mention Matthews III, is set in the early days of the struggle, where the military has developed its own resistance to fight the zombie threat alongside their robot army.

* “Masques,” with art by Paul McCaffrey, follows up the earlier “origin” story of Zombies vs Robots and explores a non-combatant’s efforts to join the fight, with disastrous results.

* “Zuvembies,” by Ryall and Gabriel Hernandez, shifts the battle to Haiti, where resistance fighters are trying to develop their own undead army as a means of defense.

Issue #1 also features a different incentive cover by Wood, plus a bonus art gallery including pinups and sketches from all three interior artists.

Zombies vs Robots Aventure #1 (of 4, $3.99, 32 pages) will be available in February 2010. Diamond order code DEC09 0922.


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