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Get Answers, Ask More Questions: ‘Final Destination 5’ Producer Craig Perry Round 4!



Just the other week we asked you Bloody Disgusting readers to hit us up on Twitter to ask Final Destination franchise producer Craig Perry questions about his forthcoming Final Destination 5, which arrives in theaters August 12 from Warner Bros. Pictures.

The first, second and third round of questions were absolutely fantastic: all you had to do was tweet @BDisgusting with your questions, accompanied by #FD5BD. Perry then compiled his favorite questions and answered them inside!. We’ll continue to get questions answered as long as you’re interested and stay engaged. Read inside to see the previous Q+A and then begin round 4 by following the above instructions (or click here).

Directed by James Cameron protege Steven Quale, the fifth film in the franchise begins with a suspension bridge disaster and takes the mythology in a new direction. “Death is just as omnipresent as ever, and is unleashed after one man’s premonition saves a group of coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse. But this group of unsuspecting souls was never supposed to survive, and, in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death’s sinister agenda.

@321sponge1 — When it comes to the 3D, does FD5 deliver more in your face fun than TFD did?

Craig Perry: “If by in-your-face fun you mean cheesy 3D effects, then the answer is no. Our director Steve Quale applied the 3D in a very smart, effective manner and did not overuse it. I think it’s some of the best 3D ever shot.

@321sponge1 — Based on everything from fans online to its advertising campaign,how do you think fd5 will perform at the box office?

Craig Perry: “I’d rather not predict a number… it would be bad luck. And with this franchise, that could mean something.

@b_smith5 — seann william scott was in the first fd film and is apart of the american pie franchise. Do u like working with him?

Craig Perry: “I do! In fact, I was with him all last week. I’m in Atlanta shooting the next theatrical sequel to AMERICAN PIE with the original cast – AMERICAN REUNION.

@KarFong — Hi Craig, as far as I know that now the blu-ray only available with FD1 & FD4, wondering when will release the other 2?

Craig Perry: “All four previous FD movies will be released as a Blu-Ray package prior to the release of FD5.

@Fdmajorfan — Sorry for all the questions big fan. What did u think of Scream 4? What about of it’s reference to the FD franchise?

Craig Perry: “Sadly I did not get the chance to see SCREAM 4. I was busy prepping another movie. But any time someone references you it means you’ve done something right!

@Fdmajorfan — Are you worried about it’s competition to 30 minutes or less? Glee 3D? All the other horror films coming this month?

Craig Perry: “Not so much with 30 MINUTES OR LESS, but GLEE 3D will certainly have a huge Friday night. In the end, I think FD5 is a very well made, entertaining thrill ride that will have long legs.

@Fdmajorfan — FD1-FD3 got mixed to positive reviews which is good for slashers. How do u think FD5 will do? Guess on it’s RT score?

Craig Perry: “I don’t want to jinx it, but I think we’ll have a positive response on FD5.

@Fdmajorfan — Are the deaths more practical than CGI?

Craig Perry: “The death sequences are tremendously complicated intersections of practical FX, CGI FX, makeup FX, and stunts. When things are working in concert, they look photo realistic. And that’s the goal!

@Fdmajorfan — Will there be DVD commentary?

Craig Perry: “Maybe. It all depends on how much money we get to design the DVD content. We had a lot of on-set interviews which may more than suffice.

@Fdmajorfan – What are some recognizable names that auditioned or were considered for a role in any of the movies?

Craig Perry: “A lot over the years. We nearly cast Jessica Biel in the lead role in FD1. We went after Alexis Bledel for FD3. We liked Matt Dallas for TFD. The list goes on…

@Fdmajorfan — Is it true Ashley Tisdale auditioned for two of the films? Why didn’t she get the part?

Craig Perry: “Good Lord. To be honest, I don’t remember specifically if she did. I think so. We audition so many people that they all sort of blend together after a while.

@Mrmaoconnell — Hey! Music is a helpful tool in FDs. Is/was there a song you think would work in a FD but hasn’t been featured yet?

Craig Perry: “You know, that’s not how my brain works. I leave that to the writer, director and music supervisor to come up with options that fit.

@Lucsmoraes — Hey Craig… Will FD5 have the same theme song like the previous? To me it must be a rythm tense like 1, 2 nd 3.

Craig Perry: “No, Brian Tyler composed a new opening credit song which is outstanding. It’s a hybrid of orchestra and garage band that is unique, driving and fun.

@b_smith5 — will death ever show its actual form or is it just a force?

Craig Perry: “It’s an invisible force that’s all around us, orchestrating the design. I think any more than that will undermine what makes the franchise unique.

@turistas_902 — are you planning to do a lot of promo for this movie? i haven’t seen any trailer on TV yet here.

Craig Perry: “There are ten different TV spots that will be strategically released as we get closer to the release date. Don’t worry – you’ll see lots of advertising for this one!

@turistas_902 — will we be getting any cliffhanger clips? also can you release some HIGH res photos? i need new wallpaper.

Craig Perry: “Go to the main website for the film. I believe there will be some wallpapers available soon. And keep checking online as there will be a steady stream of new photos being released as we get closer to the release date.

@Jaffiest — Are there going to be any characters from the previous parts cameos in FD5?

Craig Perry: “No, no full cameos. The last time we tried to organize that was in FD3 on the train, but the scheduling didn’t work out.

@DavisSroczynski — I love the score from FD series, but why FD3 didn’t release any soundtrack? Or it did? But I can’t find them anywhere.

Craig Perry: “The soundtrack for FD3 wasn’t commercially released but some careful sleuthing online will probably get you a copy.

@DavisSroczynski — RE:Lewis’ gf question. I just want to know more about her(Veronica?) and the actress. She is cute:)

Craig Perry: “Since we never cast her, it’s hard to say.

@DavisSroczynski — The unreleased deleted scenes that I mentioned. I just want to know more about them, sorry Craig.

Craig Perry: “Again, they don’t exist.

@DavisSroczynski — I’m sorry Craig, I just want to improve the FD wiki. RE the deleted scene question: I found them on trailers and stills.

Craig Perry: “Please send over links to these moments in the trailers and stills. We never shot them so I’m curious.

@b_smith5 — do you think the FD series is on its way to becoming an iconic horror franchise?

Craig Perry: “With the help of fans, I hope to one day become part of that iconic pantheon of great horror franchises. We’re off to a good start!

@Gunstarheroes — Hey, long time fan. I was just curious, has their even been thought to adapting one of the FD novels?

Craig Perry: “Great question. We did mine the novels for a death sequence in TFD – where the tub full of water falls through the ceiling onto the Cowboy. However, there’s only one book opening I think would work as the opening sequence in a new film… but I’ll keep my opinions to myself on that one.

@ThunderDragoon — I know it’s been a while since the third one, but I have to ask. Are Kevin, Julie, and Wendy alive?

Craig Perry: “In my mind, they are dead. And not just dead, but pulverized.

@TDS_Matt — So why wasn’t Bludworth nice enough to tell the leads of FD1 or 2 about the ‘kill or be killed’ rule?

Craig Perry: “That would take the fun right out of it, don’t you think? Again, we never thought we’d be here talking about FD5 when we made the first one. So we’re doing our best to inject fresh ideas into the storyline of the new film. And it works!

@_CoreyBrown — Will the Blu-ray release have the red/blue 3D glasses like FD4 so that people that don’t have 3D TVs can still watch it?

Craig Perry: “At this point, I have no idea. I’m just hoping we do well opening weekend! But I’m sure it’s being debated and discussed at WB Home Video.

@melOVERLOAD hamilcar racho — so give me inside scoop on the next fd franchise< and please feature diana agron as the lead Craig Perry: "At this point we need to see how FD5 does. However, Diana is lovely and talented – we’d be lucky to have her.

@jgiorgi1986 — I think ur a great producer with a passion for this series. Eventually it’ll end though. So what’s a dream project 4 u

Craig Perry: “I have wide and varied tastes. We’re working on a number of projects in all genres. But I’ve been fortunate to work on the FD movies. They’re incredibly hard to make but also great fun.

@321sponge1 — will you still answer questions/comments through twitter after FD5s release craig :)?

Craig Perry: “Perhaps for a week after release. Then I need to get back to work!

@321sponge1 — Describe every FD film (1-5) with one word, each. 🙂

Craig Perry: “Well, the qualifier is that I like them all for different reasons. But if I have to come up with one word…

FD1 = original
FD2 = kills
FD3 = well-made
TFD = disappointing
FD5 = redemption

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