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[OMFG] Donnie Darko’s Frank Is In A Band?




Seriously, tell me those two don’t look alike! On the left is actor James Duval, who played Frank in Donnie Darko while on the right is Mother’s Green singer March Giaccari. If you can honestly say that you don’t see the resemblance, here’s a link just for you. 
But in all seriousness, Mother’s Green has released a video for Observation For The Day, which comes off the album Swimming In The Sun, which you can order at their official website. The song is pretty damn heavy and definitely a lot of fun. You can check out the video below as well as more info on the album.

Track listing:
Swimming in the Sun
Observation for the Day
Catching Existence
A Night in Complete Awe
Conscious of the Free Side
Just Another
The Antidote
A Close Encounter
Checking Point 
Tattoos Leave Scars (bonus remix)

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