[BD Podcast] It's a Double Murder! 'Rammbock' vs. 'Phase 7' - Bloody Disgusting
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[BD Podcast] It’s a Double Murder! ‘Rammbock’ vs. ‘Phase 7’



This week, Danny! and Tim discuss 2 of the first Bloody Disgusting Selects films: Rammbock: Berlin Undead (now on VOD/DVD) and Phase 7.

Rammbock is a unique take on the rage virus/infected zombie genre, dealing both with coming to terms with emotional loss and survival in a city gone mad. Phase 7 shows what happens when an apartment building is quarantined and it’s occupants regress back to rule-of-the-jungle anarchy and paranoia. Both films deal with confinement and disease, and both films have memorable, fresh characters…but which one is the best? Tune in to “Double Murder!” on Bloody Disgusting Radio to find out!

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