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[Review] ‘Straw Dogs’ an Interesting Variation, Almost Works



In theaters tomorrow, September 16th is Straw Dogs, the Rod Lurie directed remake of Sam Peckinpah’s 1971 classic. Replacing Dustin Hoffman and Susan George as David and Amy Sumner are James Marsden and Kate Bosworth. Replacing Del Henney as Charlie Venner is Alexander Skarsgard. Replacing Cornwall, England as the setting is Blackwater, Mississippi.

And replacing a singular classic is… actually a decent movie that is simply done no favors by the comparisons it invites upon itself.

‘Straw Dogs’ almost works. It’s just that, by the very nature of its existence, it invites comparisons to something more iconic and singular and it doesn’t always stack up…It has some interesting variations on the original, but in the end it’s not as satisfying or filling…

Rounding out the cast are James Woods, Rhys Coiro, Walton Goggins, Willa Holland and Dominic Purcell. Click here for the full review. Write your own here.

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