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[Random Cool] Original ‘Thing’ Cast Watches Prequel, ‘Walking Dead’ Spoofs, Original ‘Scream’ Screenplay and More!



I seriously love October. Every single website is jamming their sites with awesome horror content to join in the festivities, which means yet another overflowing edition of [Random Cool] for you dig through. Let’s kick off today’s story with the above pumpkin carving that’s been floating around the web. I’m not exactly sure on the source, unfortunately, but it does deserve some serious love.

This [Random Cool] is loaded with badass and awesome, so we’re going to direct you inside for a look at a wide variety of “treats” that randge from a look at the original draft for “Scary Movie” (which eventually turned into Scream) to “The Call of Cthulu” done as a Dr. Suess book, a Halloween mask based on the season finale of “Breaking Bad,” “The Walking Dead” spoofs, and much, much more!!!

The crème de la crème comes in the form of a fan video that features the cast of John Carpenter’s The Thing remake watching Universal’s 2011 prequel. Get ready to explode with laughter!!!
Fan site Scream-Trilogy (who hilariously snuck a giant number 5 in their logo – why not just change your website name to “Scream Franchise”?) has posted an inside look at Kevin Williamson’s first draft screenplay for “Scary Movie”, which would eventually transform into Wes Craven’s 1996 Scream! The photocopy used in said article is dated April 5, 1995. It features Kevin’s handwritten revisions as he changed dialogue, expanded on ideas and even renamed major characters! AWESOME.

DrFaustusAU of Australia remade the Lovecraft classic “The Call of Cthulu” as a Dr. Seuss book. He managed to nail the style perfectly, complete with that aged look that can only come from seeing a kid’s book change dozens of hands through an elementary school library. Check out the full book here.

While the show isn’t horror (although it’s scary that AMC still isn’t in HD on DirecTV), AMC’s “Breaking Bad” takes on the darker fare of cable television with the season finale ending in quite a bang. Since some of you may have yet to watch, we’ll keep the brief very vague: inside you’ll find a new Halloween mask based on the character “Gustavo Fring”…. be the one who knocks! Download and print the mask at Vulture.

Not to be confused with NECA’s other “Gremlins Series 1″ which featured the adorable Mogwais, THIS “Gremlins Series 1″ is all bad, all the time. That’s right, it’s the Gremlins themselves, brought to life in this new assortment of 7” scale action figures, reports Figures. Slated for release this month, Gremlins Series 1 stars three brand-new renditions of classic Gremlins – the “George Gremlin” (with trademark scowl and cigar), the “Flasher Gremlin” (with flexible trenchcoat, cigarette and removable sunglasses) and the “Daffy Gremlin” (with noisemaker and gag glasses). Pictures of all three follow.

From director Ryan Hunter comes the hilarious The Walken Dead: for every zombie who’s ever wanted their brains served with a side of cowbell! In more hilarious “Walking Dead” spoof news, “Mad” magazine has an entire issue dedicated to AMC’s series. Get issues #512 at newsstands now. Check out the video and cover below.

But the best of the best is the following video, courtesy of JoBlo that features “footage of the original cast from John Carpenter’s THE THING watching footage from the new prequel/remake of the film.” Created by Nick Bosworth, this is easily one of the funniest videos of the year. A+!

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