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Who Will Play Tetsuo in Warner Bros.’ ‘Akira’?



I truly hate these kind of stories, but it is kind of interesting to get deep inside the brain of a studio. Tonight THR has some potential casting for Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming Akira, all of which is merely speculation.

The $90 million movie, being directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (House of Wax, Orphan), is set in a place called New Manhattan and follows two brothers, one the leader of a motorcycle gang, the other a younger man (Tetsuo) with telekinetic abilities who becomes a dangerous weapon.

With Tron: Legacy‘s Garret Hedlund in final talks to star as Kaneda, the gang leader, and Kristen Stewart offered the role of Ky Reed, a woman who is part of an underground movement to expose the government for turning orphans into living weapons (she also may possess some abilities herself), the big question now is who will play Tetsuo, the young man whose latent powers will release the powerful being known as Akira?

D.J. Cotrona (G.I.Joe 2: Retaliation), Logan Marshall-Green (Devil, Prometheus), Toby Kebbell (RocknRolla, War Horse), Richard Madden (“Game of Thrones”), Rami Malek (Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2), and Michael Pitt (“Boardwalk Empire”) are all potentials, with Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Cowboys & Aliens) and Alden Ehrenreich (Tetro) retesting for the role. Thumbs up for the studio thinking outside of the box. Keanu Reeves, sigh…

A decision is expected before Thanksgiving. Dano immediately caught my eye, and I think Kebbell, Pitt and Madden are also compelling choices. Pictured: Richard Madden

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