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TV: Character Details and Plot for ‘The Munsters’ Pilot!



While NBC begins casting their reinvisioned “The Munsters” we decided to do a little digging and find out more about the planned television series set to begin filming next February.

We’re exclusively told by insiders that this will NOT be a remake of the original 1964 series that starred Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis and Yvonne De Carlo as a family of friendly monsters have misadventures never quite realizing why people react to them so strangely.

The modern take will instead be strange hybrid of the popular comedy “Modern Family” and HBO’s “True Blood”. While the series will be dark there will be a lot of heart and comedic elements. While I’m a huge fan of Bryan Fuller’s “Dead Like Me”, his “Pushing Daisies” never grabbed my attention, and frankly neither were any good at character development. The follow, though, gives me some series hope. There are a lot of interesting people moving into 1313 Mockingbird Lane…

The pilot episode, which is to be directed by Bryan Singer – who also was behind the camera for the “House” pilot, Superman Returns and X-Men – will focus on 10-year-old Eddie Munster who is unaware that he’s a werewolf, and that his family is composed of terrifying creatures. The madness begins when a baby bear attacks a scouting trip, only it turns out that this “bear” is actually Eddie transformed into a werewolf. Eddie is unaware of his metamorphosis and it forces the family to move in order to protect the family secret. The coming of age story gets weirder as he fights against his family when he learns of a shocker: they’re a family of flesh-eaters!

A few other random character notes: Lily Munster has an eating disorder and eats suicide victims. Grandpa Munster is a 600-year-old shapeshifter, and Marilyn Munster was adopted when her mother tried to eat her as a baby. Munsters

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