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[BD Review] ‘Sound Of My Voice’ Is Unsettling And Great



Directed by Zal Batmanglij from a script he co-wrote with star Brit Marling, Sound Of My Voice is a startling film. It’s a small, but very effective, thriller with some genuinely creepy moments. It also gives you a lot to think about and asks some interesting questions about the nature of belief itself – not necessarily religious belief (though it can be interpreted that way), but the mechanics behind what we accept as fact and reject as fiction.

Maggie, as played by Brit Marling, is the perfect luminous figure around which to construct a cult of personality. Not only is she beautiful, she’s menacing. And you want her approval. And her story about being from the future is, of course, totally full of holes. But then again, isn’t everything we believe in full of holes? Not just religion, but everything? That’s the nature of faith, overlooking a lack of proof. And it’s something the film expertly explores.

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