Bizarre Indie 'Fever Night' Announced For DVD, VOD; Trailer & Art Premiere! - Bloody Disgusting
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Bizarre Indie ‘Fever Night’ Announced For DVD, VOD; Trailer & Art Premiere!



The super bizarre indie Fever Night (Band of Satanic Outsiders) is finally arriving on VOD, Digital Downoad and DVD this coming May 15.

Directed by Jordan Harris and Andrew Schrader, and starring Peter Tullio, Philip Marlatt, Melanie Rose Wilson, Michael Q. Schmidt and Claudia Sandin as “Lucifer”, “Three Satanists perform a dark ritual in the woods only to be faced with horrifying repercussions. Elliot and Warren accidentally run over Terry then get their car stuck in the mud. Now they must trudge through the dark forest towards an omnipotent light in the far distance hoping to get help. Along the way, they encounter frightful reckonings of their night’s work. Will they be able to survive their descent into Hell or are their fates already sealed?

You’ll find the DVD cover art and official trailer below.

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