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Finish The Fight With Operation Raccoon City’s Final Spec Ops DLC, Available Now



Whether or not you’re a fan of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, something they definitely got right was how the DLC was managed. The strategy of handing out bite-sized portions of action a few weeks apart to keep us playing the game with some extra weapons sprinkled on in case you’re looking to spice up your arsenal is a good one. The first Spec Ops mission was free and was followed by the first batch of paid missions a few short weeks later, and for those of us who wish to finish the Spec Ops story you can do so now with the final Spec Ops mission pack. The four-player co-op is where it’s at with this game (mainly because the Versus mode sucks) and it looks like they’re fully aware of this. Now if only Capcom could learn to stop charging players for multiplayer modes–you have to pay for the Nemesis mode in ORC, similarly to the Versus mode in RE5–because that cuts the available players when searching for a game by a lot. If you want to see how the Spec Ops campaign ends I suggest you make sure you have $10, or 800 Microsoft Party Girls available and go check it out.

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