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[OMFG] ‘Child’s Play’ Sequel Begins Casting! It’s The ‘Curse of Chucky’!



We’ve learned that casting is currently underway for Universal Home Entertainment’s Curse of Chucky, which will begin shooting in Winnipeg, Canada in September!

Franchise creator and writer Don Mancini will write, direct and produce. The best news is that Brad Dourif is back once again to voice the role of the killer doll (who has the soul of Charles Lee Ray trapped inside).

In the fifth sequel, a family gathers for a funeral, only to be met with an insane bloodbath caused by the infamous Chucky. The question is: what is the “curse” the titles eludes to?

As previously reported, the new sequel will be a throwback to the original Child’s Play trilogy, meaning less shenanigans and more bloodshed. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be seeing the busty and beautiful Jennifer Tilly in this one.

The cast will include the characters Nica, Ian, Barb, Jill, Sarah and Father Frank. Nica is a young wheelchair-bound girl who receives the doll; Ian is the father and Nica’s brother-in-law suspicious his wife is cheating on him; Barb is a mean-spiritied and greedy woman, Nica’s older sister; Jill is the lead and is a nanny having a secret affair with Barb; Sarah is Nica’s mother whom commits suicide.

Dourif introduced Chucky into the world in 1988’s Child’s Play, which was penned by Mancini. The franchise has spawned four sequels, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky.

Talk below, how excited are you?!

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