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Meet The Newest Addition To ‘Dead Space 3’s’ Legion Of Necromorphs… The Feeder



So far, my favorite enemy in the Dead Space series has been the Stalker. They aren’t the most disturbing Necromorph of the bunch–I’ll leave title to the Crawlers (the explosive babies), but they’re without a doubt the most unnerving to fight. The first few encounters with the Stalker packs in Dead Space 2 were intense because they actually communicated with each other. They would flank you, trap you, trick you, and if you didn’t outsmart them, they would most definitely kill you and drag you into their lair to defile your mutilated corpse again and again and again. However, that could soon change in Dead Space 3 now that the Feeders have been introduced. Get to know them after the jump.

The Feeders are the result of consuming Necromorph flesh. The colonists of the icy planet of Tau Volantis were isolated long enough that they eventually decided it’d be a neat idea to feed on the flesh of dead Necromorphs. This decision slowly transformed them into Feeders–skinny little creatures who, much like myself, absolutely despise bright lights. They find their way around by listening to their surroundings, and when startled, immediately call on their bros so they can take you out together. They sound like a mix between the Pack (those toddler-sized Necromorphs from Dead Space 2) and the Stalkers, and their blindness could lead to some pretty interesting fights.

Will you run in guns blazing, or fuck with them by using your telekinesis to hurl objects and disorient them? It’s up to you.

Head on over to Game Informer for more pictures of these ugly bastards. Dead Space 3 releases in February for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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