Fear in Real-Time: 'Rec' Approach Taken in 'The Silent House' - Bloody Disgusting
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Fear in Real-Time: ‘Rec’ Approach Taken in ‘The Silent House’



Straight from Uruguay comes The Silent House (“La Casa Muda”), a new horror film that is claiming to be the first ever horror flick filmed in one single 72-minute sequence shot (on a recorder camera none the less!). In the film, Laura and her father Wilson settle down in a cottage that seems to be off the beaten track in order to update it since its owner (will soon put the house up for sale. They will spend the night there in order to start the repairs the following morning. Everything seems to go smoothly until Laura hears a sound that comes from outside and gets louder and louder on the upper floor of the house. Wilson goes up to see what is going on while she remains downstairs on her own, waiting for her father to come down. Check out the trailer below and experience “fear in real-time”.


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