Update: 'Texas Chainsaw' Director Thanks the Gods for Possible 'Clash' Directing Gig - Bloody Disgusting
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Update: ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Director Thanks the Gods for Possible ‘Clash’ Directing Gig



Update: Dan Mazeau, who worked for Warners on “The Flash”, is being paired with David Leslie Johnson, writer of “The Girl with the Red Riding Hood,” the studio’s horror thriller starring Amanda Seyfried that is in pre-production, to write “Clash of the Titans 2.”” With the fake 3-D remake of Clash of the Titans nearing $500 million worldwide at the box office, Warner Bros. Pictures is fast-tracking a sequel with plans on shooting as early at January, reports the LA Times. It was already revealed that Louis Leterrier would not be returning to the director’s chair (thank the Gods (pun intended)), not the LA Times is writing that the frontrunner replacement is none other than Jonathan Liebesman, the man behind Darkness Falls, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and the forthcoming Battle: Los Angeles. Shooting in early 2011 is also a priority because the studio needs to make sure star Sam Worthington, who is committed to shoot Avatar 2 (likely later in the year), is free and clear. Hopefully they actually shoot it in 3-D this time (or not at all).


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