Trailer for Revovler's UK Release 'The Basement' - Bloody Disgusting
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Trailer for Revovler’s UK Release ‘The Basement’



Arriving in the UK on August 20th on DVD and then on Blu-ray on August 23rd from Revolver is Asham Kamboj’s Basement. Watch the trailer debut inside. “Returning from an anti-war demo, the chaos of horror ensues when stoner Gary (Danny Dyer – Severance), quiet and insular Sarah (Kierston Wareing – Fish Tank), vain Saffron (Lois Winstone – Beyond The Rave), posh Pru (Emily Beecham – 28 Weeks Later) and Pru’s arrogant boyfriend Derek (Jimi Mistry – RocknRolla) stop in the country. When Derek and the flirtatious Saffron find an unexplained metal hatch in the middle of the forest, curiosity wins and they decide to explore inside. Searching for their missing friends, Gary, Pru and Sarah are forced to follow, but the hatch locks behind them, and the shadows that lurk in the darkness force the whole group to run for their lives… In this fight of good versus evil – only the most evil will survive.


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