'Coldwater' Teaser Plays Out Like If '127 Hours' Had Taken Place In Prince's Guest House - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Coldwater’ Teaser Plays Out Like If ‘127 Hours’ Had Taken Place In Prince’s Guest House



This is the kind of teaser that tells you nothing about the film, which sometimes I like. And I certainly can’t be angry at the Coldwater teaser because it only took up 37 seconds of my time. If anything I’m kind of curious about this movie now, and why someone would make a clip so banal… except there is something kind of going on here… so mission accomplished teaser!

Here, a young man videotapes a happy birthday to his grandmother while surrounded by purple velvet walls. Dude, you’re supposed to say “you don’t look a day over 30“, not “you don’t look a day over 60“. You mustn’t be afraid to suck up a little bigger darling.

Coldwater is directed by Dave Parker who was last behind the camera for The Hills Run Red

Check it out after the jump and keep your eyes to the lower left the second time you watch it. Also included beyond the click is the film’s poster.


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