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Mediafire Seeking New Horror Artists!



Digital comics publisher, Madefire, launched an online search for a new artists and illustrators to join their ever-expanding team. Think you’ve got some chops? Can you draw monsters? Can you capture a sense of terror with your artwork? Then don’t be lazy, this is your chance to break into the comics industry!

The publisher writes:

OK, here’s a chance to get a paid gig alongside some of the greatest names in the imaginative arts industry: Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Bolland, Mike Carey, and more.

Madefire is looking for a horror illustrator for a story that will go live on our 5-star rated app at Halloween. The creature in the story is a Metawhal Alpha (drawn by me, above).

How to get yourself hunted!

Please DON’T send me direct messages, including via DeviantArt. Simply submit your work to us at: Then go and check out the rest of our website and/or iPad app to get a feel for what we’re creating. The portfolio submission period won’t last for more than a few weeks, as we want to select an illustrator in time for a finished title to go live end of October.

We can’t reply to everybody, so would appreciate it if you didn’t chase us up. If you’re the lucky chosen artist WE’LL be contacting YOU. However, even if we don’t contact you this time, it doesn’t mean we don’t love your work, and you may well find yourself being contacted for other projects in the future — we have a LOT of material lining up over the coming weeks and months. So stay tuned! 🙂

What we are looking for

1) Pro-quality Visionary art. Creators that push the limits and boundaries of what is possible in illustration. Madefire is all about creativity and reinvention. The more pedestrian and uninspired your art is, the less likely we’ll be interested.

2) We’re also NOT looking for a comic-book style!

Anyone applying for this gig will be seeing his work published alongside a dizzying array of comics superstars, so I’m guessing big brass cojones (or big brass huevos) are also required, if not actually stipulated by Sharp.

In other Sharp-related news, the DTV horror movie he recently worked on in an art department laced with comic book talent (including Gary Erskine, Lee Carter and Alex Ronald), Outpost II: Black Sun, has released a mood-book full of concept art (link via Everything Comes Back To 2000AD).