'Men in Black' Director Defends World Against 'Lore' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Men in Black’ Director Defends World Against ‘Lore’



Barry Sonnenfeld is in talks to direct Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Lore, a film based on an Ashley Wood IDW graphic novel about a secret order that defends the world against creatures thought to be mythological, but which actually exist, reports Deadline. It becomes another big movie for Warner Bros. The film is being produced by Mad Chance’s Andrew Lazar.

An action-adventure franchise in the vein of Men in Black, this one focused on mythological creatures. “The story focuses on a young man who reluctantly becomes a member of an elite secret order charged with protecting humanity from the beasts of folklore who invade our world.

Sonnenfeld directed the Men in Black films, while Johnson, an ex-WWE wrestler, starred in The Mummy Returns, and can be seen in G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Fast and the Furious 6.


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