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[13 Days Of Horror] Day 10: 12 Upcoming Zombie Games To Be Excited About, Part 2



The countdown continues! Yesterday, we took a look at six upcoming (and a few that are already out) zombie games that you should definitely be excited about, and today, I have even more. If you ever needed proof that the zombie isn’t just alive, but thriving, this should do the trick. Looking back, this year was actually pretty incredible for horror fans, with Amy, four episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and three Resident Evils (Revelations, Raccoon City, RE6) — but I think there’s a very good chance that things will only be getting better over the coming year. More after the jump.

6. Dead Island: Riptide

The first Dead Island got all our attention with its deeply depressing trailer, but when it released, many fans weren’t terribly happy. The stiff characters and dull story betrayed the trailer that had gotten many of us so pumped for the game. Deep Silver and developer Techland are hoping for a redo with Dead Island: Riptide, which promises new features, including a focus on finding, clearing, and barricading your own safe house, and a dynamic weather system that should add some unpredictability to the gameplay. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the same four characters (and one new entry) from the original game, but on the plus side, you will be able to bring over your progress from the first game into the sequel.

5. Human Element

Human Element is definitely the more mysterious game on this list, because we still don’t know much about it. Developed by Robert Bowling, who’s best known for his work on the Call of Duty series, and his new Robotoki startup, it will focus on how “Unreasonable fear that leads us to do unreasonable things to survive.” You’ll be able to choose between three different classes: action, stealth, and intelligence, and you’ll have to choose whether you want to survive alone, survive with a partner, or survive with a child. Sounds intriguing.

We’ll get a taste of what this game will be about when and episode prequel releases exclusively on the upcoming Ouya console, early next year. Hopefully it’ll be enough to tide us over until Human Element’s painfully distant 2015 release window. Ouch.

4. No More Room in Hell

This awesome indie horror game was included in the first batch of games to get greenlit for distribution on Steam, and rightfully so, because with eight-player co-op, dynamic objectives that make every experience different from the last, multiple modes, and dozens of weapons, this is one ambitious game. It’s also highly addicting, as its multiple Mod of the Year awards can attest to. Look for it on Steam later this year.

3. The Walking Dead – Episode 5

Telltale’s episodic game based on The Walking Dead has quickly become a serious contender for my personal game of the year. It manages the impressive feat of packing more emotionally draining moments in a two hour episode than most retail games do in 10-20. If you haven’t experienced the first four episodes, I suggest you do so now, because they’re all incredible. Hopefully, the fifth and final episode, dubbed No Time Left will cap things off nicely, otherwise Telltale could have a horde of angry gamers to deal with.

2. The Walking Dead

Okay, I lied, because it’s entirely possible that we know less about Activision’s stab at The Walking Dead than we know about Bowling’s Human Element. What we do know, is it will be a first person shooter that follows brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon on a “haunting, unforgiving quest to make their way to the supposed safety of Atlanta.” You’ll have to avoid detection from zombies, who use sight, sound, and smell to find their prey. Thankfully, Daryl’s a bit of a stealthy badass, thanks to that handy crossbow he seems to have with him during every episode of the TV series. I hope this will be good, especially now that Telltale has set the bar so high with their game.

1. World War Z

World War Z is one of my all-time favorite books. It has everything a solid piece of zombie fiction should have, including a fantastic story, plenty of scares, and it’s crazy fun to read. The movie adaptation has run into a few obstacles, but that hasn’t stopped Paramount Pictures from considering a video game. There’s obviously some stiff competition here, but with such incredible source material, I can see this being a real winner.

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