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First Look At Indie ‘Speak No Evil’



Tempe-based production company Gas Mask Films has just completed the first week of production on their new independent horror film, Speak No Evil.

The film stars up-and-comer Gabrielle Stone, a professional dancer turned actress, and daughter of cult icon Dee Wallace (The Hills Have Eyes, E.T., Cujo).

Production for Speak No Evil will wrap on Oct. 29th in Apache Junction, Arizona.

The film opens with a single Mom’s search for her missing child. Judged by the small town folk and authorities she receives little help until it is discovered that all the children in the town have disappeared. When the kids do return they are changed, diseased and violent. Once the story’s demons are revealed, the town becomes a battleground to save or destroy the children. Our main character, played by actor Gabrielle Stone, must uncover and use all her love and strength to fight through the evil to save her daughter.

For more information or to follow the progress of the movie visit Facebook.