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[Album Review] Tweaker ‘Call The Time Eternity’



When I first heard the band name Tweaker many years ago, I didn’t have much association to work with. But then, upon learning that it is a project from Chris Vrenna, who was a member of Nine Inch Nails as well as the composer of American McGee’s Alice, my ears perked up and my radar was set abuzz.

Now, years later, Tweaker is back with a third album, Call The Time Eternity. It’s been eight years since 2a.m. Wakeup Call, so has time treated this group well or should they have stayed in the shadows? Find out below.

The album begins with “Ponygrinder”, a mysterious track with rumbling bass undertones and frantic programmed drum patterns. As the song builds, so does the intensity and pitch, raising itself from low, unsettling notes to higher pitched static sirens.

The following track, “Nothing At All”, which features Jack Off Jill’s Jessicka Addams, is trip hop with a tough quality about it, as though it’s a song that you don’t want to mess around with. Further into the album, “Grounded” is an eerily sexual track that benefits from the vocals of kaRIN (Collide). Perhaps my favorite track on the album is the instrumental “A Bit Longer Than Usual”, which sounds like the perfect marriage between something you’d find on a Silent Hill soundtrack with a classy gothic nightclub.

The production of the album is incredibly varied and always kept me on my toes. It’s also a great length, at just over 40 minutes. While with other albums I might want more time out of it, this is the type of album that gives you enough over the course of 11 tracks that it feels like a full meal rather than an appetizer.

I imagine listening to this album whilst driving down the highway at night would be a very unsettling experience. Then again, listening to this album on a beautiful summer afternoon would make me concerned as to what’s outside and how will it try to kill me?

The Final Word: There is this deliciously sinister sense of foreboding that permeates Tweaker’s Call The Time Eternity. Perfect for the Halloween season but also fantastic for the rest of the year, this is an album well worth picking up.

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