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[AFM ’12] Exclusive First Look At ‘Evil Feed’ Poster, Stills!



Genre sales label WTF will start sales on Evil Feed at the upcoming American Film Market. Evil Feed is directed by Kimani Ray Smith and finds most of the team from cult and multi-awarded short film “Suffer” working together again.

Starring Laci J Mailey (Arrow, Falling Skies), Terry Chen (Elysium, Cabin in the Woods, The A-Team, Snakes on a Plane, I, Robot), Shirleyanne Mason (Zalman King’s Body Language), Alain Chanoine (Immortals, Punisher War Zone, Blade Trinity), Carrie Genzel (Jennifer’s Body, Watchmen), and Derek Gilroy (Elysium, Supernatural).

The Long Pig Restaurant is the ultimate underground restaurant sensation, where only the richest can taste the most refined meals and worldwide best…cannibalistic haute cuisine. Newly run by an overachieving son who delicately put his father to retirement by severing his head, the Long Pig has introduced novelty by capturing elite MMA fighters and then serving losers to their bloodthirsty customers. Perfect “Tendertainment” !

Jenna, an aspiring stunt girl, is violently kidnapped with her friends by Triads and wakes up in the Long Pig holding cell waiting for her turn to fight in the Pit of Gore. In order to survive, she must fight her way out before being skinned alive and becoming the next main course. Throw in Russian Mob, competing Cannibals and a nymphomaniac masseuse and you’ve got a crazy, over-the-top, sexy and bloody hell of a dinner movie!

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