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Robot Sharks Take Over In New Skrillex (Feat. The Doors) Video



You know who were two rather interesting looking characters in The Matrix Reloaded? Those albino creeps that had the dreadlocks. Sure, their characters were as flat as any Kristen Stewart performance (ZING!) but they drew the eye towards them and were genuinely one of the more exciting parts of the movie.

So what does this have to do with Skrillex, you ask me? Simple. In the new video “Breakn’ A Sweat” (which features The Doors), those albino fellas, on their day off, decided to hop on some jetskis, ride out amongst some pissed off robotic sharks and drop grenades into the water. Y’know, a typical day off. Oh, then they eat some really fleshy pearl looking things, get sucked out of the Matrix (or back in…who knows anymore?) and are suddenly running from the cops while one of them is about to go into labor and birth a sun. You know, I think Skrillex might be trying a wee bit too hard with this one. Check out the video below and lend your thoughts.

Skrillex has also made available a limited edition three vinyl box set that collects his first three EPs in once place. You can pre-order the badboy here.

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