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The Death Set Writing New Music For V/H/S/2?



Personally, I really enjoyed V/H/S. I’m not saying that as a Bloody-Disgusting writer. Rather, I’m saying that as a horror fan. And one of the things I really enjoyed was how, during the credits, the movie had an actual song (The Death Set‘s “They Come To Get Us”, which also has possibly the most incredible music video ever) rather than one of those bullshit “And they were never heard from again…” screens. The movie was loads of fun and the song fit that bill in spades.

Now, The Death Set are possibly back for V/H/S/2. On their official Twitter, the band states that they are writing two songs for the sequel. As of now, it’s not 100% confirmed that the songs will be in the movie (after all, you don’t confirm a song will be in something if it’s not even finished being recorded, right?). However, you can see the tweets, which were retweeted by the official V/H/S Twitter account below.

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