Karen Berger Resigns From DC Comics - Bloody Disgusting
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Karen Berger Resigns From DC Comics



DC Comics issued a press release today announcing that Karen Berger, Executive Editor of DC Vertigo and Senior VP at DC Comics, has resigned after a more than twenty years with the publisher. Karen had a huge hand in releasing some of DC’s most noteworthy titles and bringing in their biggest talents including Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Jamie Delano, Mark Buckingham, Peter Milligan, Mike Carey, China Mieville, and too many more to name. She’s a pioneer of horror at DC, helping with books by the likes of “Swamp Thing”, “Sandman”, and “Hellblazer”. Read on for the skinny.

The folks at DC and Vertigo will undoubtedly be sad to see such an important figure leave. Karen Berger helped to bring the comics industry up to the standards we find it at today. She deserves all the respect and praise in the world, but I doubt this is the last we’ll hear of her work in comics.

Comic creators took to Twitter to comment on Karen Berger’s leave, testament to the fact that she was loved by her colleagues. Here are only a few:

I’ve worked with a legend for 25 years. She’s the best, & I’ll miss her gentleness & sanity at VertigoDC – Neil Gaiman

Karen Berger is to comics what Maxwell Perkins was to the history of American letters. My imagination has always been a Vertigo imagination.
– Joe Hill

I’ve long said there are two or three people to whom I owe my career. Karen Berger is one of them. Wow. – Phil Jimenez

Karen Berger leaves behind an extraordinary editorial legacy behind her. Easily one of the best ever.– Steve Wacker

Very sad to hear about Karen Berger leaving Vertigo. A painful end to an era that shouldn’t have ended. I wish her the best.– Steve Niles

Karen Berger ranks with Stan Lee and William Gaines as one of the most influential editors in the history of American comics.- Chris Roberson

Now, who will fill her position?