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‘Resident Evil 2’ Turned 15 Yesterday, Let’s Celebrate With Some Ada Wong Cosplay



Yeah, I know, I’m a day late with this. Forgive me, for I was busy reviewing one of the worst games in recent memory. Back in August, TJ and I nearly got into fisticuffs over which was the best Resident Evil. Blood was shed, harsh words were yelled, tears were wept (mostly from me), and in the end we had a clear winner. Actually, that’s a lie, even all of you couldn’t decide which game was best. At the time of this writing, and out of over 700 votes, Resident Evil 2 and RE4 are tied with 34% of the votes each. That’s crazy. So crazy I felt the urge to include proof after the break.

Obviously, there’s still a lot of love for Resident Evil 2, and understandably so. It’s an amazing game that, much like Aliens built on the foundation of its predecessor, RE2 took the series out of the Spencer Mansion and into the chaos that was Raccoon City. One of the best things about that game was the sultry special agent Ada Wong, who’s been a series mainstay since her debut in RE2. Since then, she’s took up residence in all our hearts, and especially Leon’s, who’s been smitten with her for some time now. If you don’t love her already, you will after you see this amazing cosplay I have waiting for you after the break.

First, PROOF!

Okay, on to Ms. Wong. This is the work of cosplayer and Deviant Artist ~chappiy, whose talents aren’t limited to Ada, as you’ll see some Four Eyes cosplay (the U.S.S. field scientist from Operation Raccoon City) in her gallery as well. For now, we’ll focus on Ada. Cosplayer chappiy has done a great job of capturing Ada in her various forms from RE2 to RE6, check her out below.

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