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Exploration Is Key In ‘Dead Island Riptide’



I hope you’ve been keeping your machetes sharp and your blunt instruments… blunt, because Dead Island Riptide is releasing in a month. Executive producer Sebastian Reichert had a few things to say about the upcoming game, including what he feels will impress players the most. It’s not the boat, dynamic weather system, or Left 4 Dead style crescendo moments — he’s actually most excited about the level design.

“The way that the exploration of the island works will be what keeps people pushing forward. When you visit a point the first time, the way back feels different because of the level design.” Reichert said. The sense of exploration, which was definitely present in the first game, will be enhanced by the weather and flooding.

Dead Island Riptide launches on the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on April 23. If you missed it, I recommend watching the new trailer that released yesterday.

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