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[BD Contest] Meet Our Ninth “Deadite Of The Day” Nathaniel Fitzgerald!!!



It’s time we started winding down our Deadite Of The Day contest. As we stated before (head inside for the full list of rules)! Winners will be announced daily from March 25th – April 5th (weekends excluded), and that means we are no longer open for submissions. Which makes me sort of sad, because this has actually been very rewarding for me. It’s a lot of fun to share these creations with the world and make true horror fans happy.

Today’s winner is Nathaniel Fitzgerald (along with Danielle Skelley for putting up with it)! They created a pretty awesome wedding shower invite! It’s this kind of commitment to the lifestyle that I can really get behind. In Nathaniel’s words, “My name is Nathaniel Fitzgerald, and I’m from Zombie Town, Pittsburgh, PA! I was thinking of posting pictures from my own Evil Dead collection of goodies, instead I thought I’d send the invitations I made for the wedding shower zombie party my wife and I had last October around Halloween!! You may have to blur out the phone number’s and address’s to post this online, but I thought you might like the “Edited” version of the original poster with Wedding Veil and Engagement Ring! Thanks!!!” I did indeed blur out their contact info – so the ugly smudges are mine, not theirs.

Head inside to check it out! And remember, there’s still ONE winner left to announce this week.

This is a contest for EVERYONE who loves The Evil Dead universe, no matter what your particular talents may be. Have an amazing Evil Dead collection of movies, video games, tapes and posters? Snap a pic and send it to us. Are you a great artist with some “groovy” ED related piece? Send it to us! Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Grab a camera and tell us (or act out even) just how much you love the Evil Dead (or Evil Dead 2 or Army Of Darkness). It doesn’t really matter what medium you choose for your submission, just so long as it’s awesome!

We will pick 10 Winners – each of whom will receive their own Deadite Of The Day article showcasing their work here on BD! The winners will be announced daily from March 25th – April 5th (weekends excluded). Submissions will be open the whole time, so if you see something you think you can top… TOP IT! We will announce a Grand Prize Winner (chosen from the 10 overall winners) on April 7th. The grand prize winner will receive POSTER SIGNED BY THE CAST AND CREW of Fede Alvarez’s upcoming (awesome) Evil Dead remake. While we invite anyone in the world to participate in the contest – you must be a US Resident (or know someone in the US you want it mailed to) to receive the poster.

If you have art, pictures etc… you can EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSIONS to deadite@bloody-disgusting.com For video submissions, please email YouTube, Vimeo, Vine etc… LINKS (as opposed to entire files). Also, once you send your submission to the email address, feel free to shout it out it to us on twitter @BDisgusting using the hashtag #BDDeadite! Now grab your boomsticks and get to work!!!