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Advance Review: Alan Robert’s ‘Killogy’ #4



Killogy #4 delivers a grand finale that readers will not soon forget. Since the beginning, this thriller delivered on all fronts – crime, black comedy, and grindhouse horror. Even with the star-studded cast of Brea Grant, Frank Vincent and Marky Ramone the plot never takes second fiddle and stands out on its own merit.

WRITTEN BY: Alan Robert
ART BY: Alan Robert
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 24, 2013

With the zombie apocalypse taking place outside, Sally Sno-Cones, Cole Edwards, and Summer Rhoades are locked inside a dingy jail cell. Suffering from intense claustrophobia, none of them can tolerate being in the same room together. In order to escape, the three inmates must go through a growing horde of zombie cops. Even if they make it through the zombies, there is still an apocalypse going on outside.
The three need to put aside their hatred towards each other and work together as a team. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and the only ones who can save it are a thief, a hit-man, and a femme fatale.

For the epic conclusion, writer/artist Alan Robert takes a different route with his storytelling and avoids flashbacks, which was a consistent technique. With his illustrations, Robert finally takes readers outside the prison and depicts a crime-ridden city gone to Hell. The character arcs for Summer, Sno-Cones, and Edwards has changed as well. We’ve seen them hate each other before, and now it’s time to see them work together. Robert provides such witty banter and hilarious one-liners when Sno-Cones and Summer share a panel together. The punchy dialogue has always been my favorite part of the series.

Even though Robert leaves the small and cramped space of the jail cell behind, it doesn’t mean he is taking away the suspense and tension. Readers are given a bigger room that Robert can play with. In this issue, the three inmates escape but only find themselves swamped by bloodthirsty zombies. I found myself rooting for Sno-Cones when he punched a zombie with his bare fist. And the fact that Sno-Cones is played by Frank Vincent, it just makes this illustration so much cooler.

Robert makes great use of colors during the escape from the jail. In these panels, the light source comes from the explosions and flames. Robert only uses red and yellow tones in these pages, highlighting the black ink on the characters. In an impressive layout, Robert uses three panels to showcase Edwards blasting away at the zombie cops. The best part, the zombies are taken out by shots to the head.
Using the likenesses of his cast became an interesting experiment for Robert. Because it never felt gimmicky, Robert pulls off the experiment with a cinematic effect. The way Brea Grant holds her pose, with her hairstyle and head turned, this looks like a performance captured spot-on in a picture.

Readers will have no idea what hit them when they reach the last page of “Killogy” #4. “Killogy” stands out among Robert’s body of work, and it has become my personal favorite of his. How is Alan Robert going to top “Killogy”? I’m not sure, but I cannot wait to find out.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by Jorge Solis


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