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Take A Vacation With ‘Dead Island: Riptide,’ Available Now



Are you ready to get toasted on a tropical island resort, brimming with energy drinks and fiber bars that have mystical healing powers?! Does a mildly disappointed review from Adam Dodd — voted most likely to write really awesome reviews for Bloody Disgusting by his graduating class — get you pumped for the bloody mayhem waiting for you in Dead Island: Riptide? If you answered any of those questions with a triumphant “yes!” then I’d say you’re just about ready for Dead Island: Riptide, available this very second for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

In related news, despite apologizing for it, Deep Silver is totally still selling that awful idea known as the Zombie Bait Edition in the UK. I’d say about 99% of you disagreed with my opinion that it’s gross and wildly inappropriate, but that’s okay because we all have opinions and some of us are more vocal with them then others. Such is the beauty of the Internet!

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Gamer, writer, terrible dancer, longtime toast enthusiast. Legend has it Adam was born with a controller in one hand and the Kraken's left eye in the other. Legends are often wrong.


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