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[TV] Wes Craven Speaks Out On The “Scream” Series



A few weeks back we were all pretty surprised when it was announced that MTV had given the greenlight to the “Scream” pilot. I mean, development talk is one thing – but a go-ahead to start production is a much bigger commitment. It was also announced that Wes Craven was in discussions to come back to direct the hour-long pilot, which Craven himself confirmed today. Although he won’t commit unless he approves of the script (which seems like a logical ask on his part).

He tweeted the following, “A lot of you have asked about the Scream TV series. It’s true I’ve been approached. My response was, it would depend on the script… If they have a great script/concept, it could be fun. If not, not.

So do a good job, whoever you are writing it. You’re probably not Kevin Williamson, or else we would know. Dimension Films will co-produce. If “Scream” receives a series order it will hit in late summer 2014.