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5 Scary Mother’s Day Movie Recommendations!



Mother’s Day is upon us and, perhaps more than any other holiday, you’re going to need some movie suggestions. After all, Mom wants to hang out, right? And instead of going the obvious route for Mother’s Day and showing her… Mother’s Day, you want to remind her that you’ve got some semblance of originality. Showing her Mother’s Day is sort of like ordering her an E-card that morning, it shows you’re not putting too much thought into it.

We’ve got some choice recommendations here. From the old (Psycho, you’ll find out inside) to the Guillermo del Toro-produced Mama, there’s something in here for everyone.

So head inside for 5 Scary Mother’s Day Movie Recommendations!


FRIDAY THE 13TH 1980 Pamela Voorhees

Friday The 13th is a great Mother’s Day movie because, somewhere deep in its heart, it’s about the unbreakable bond between Mother and child. Mrs. Voorhees really goes to town on these poor counselors, and they’re not even the ones that let her son Jason die, they just remind her of those kids. How gangster is that? Let Mom you know how devoted she is by proxy, show her Friday The 13th and tell her, “I know you’d do that for me.”


Have you been bad this year? Has Mom had to bail you out of jail, pay off a bad loan or kill a bunch of camp counselors for you? Let her know it’s not all that bad, let her know that you’re not actually the spawn of Satan (and rape cults). You could also swap this out for The Omen to try and send the same message, but Rosemary’s Baby is the classier move. It’s better all around and your Mom won’t know she’s watching a horror movie until it’s too late.


Veering off in the complete opposite direction, is your Mom actually horrible? Does she belittle you, lean on you too much or send you texts that don’t make any sense? Send a stern message and sit down with her to watch Psycho. Let her know that her days are numbered and eventually she will have to rely on you… the potential consequences just might give her a change of heart.


The newest movie on this list, this is the one you’ll want to show your Stepmother or adoptive mother since Mama is effectively about both these types of Moms stepping up to the plate. You’ve got Jessica Chastain’s punky bass player who sacrifices her entire lifestyle to become a good parent to poor Lily and Victoria. Then you’ve got “Mama” herself, who will literally stop at nothing to get “her kids” back. It’s in her nature to nurture, baby.


Shaun’s arc in this film includes him becoming a better man to both the women in his life; his Mum and his girlfriend, Liz. This one might apply to guys more than gals, but while your Mom wishes you’d spend more time with her she also wants to know that she’s raised a perfect gentleman (one who can also dispatch her if she’s turning into a zombie). Let your Mom know you’ve turned out alright by buying her flowers, showing her Shaun Of Dead and letting her know that, yes, you’ll be buying flowers for your girlfriend as well as taking her to the place that does the fish and all that.

Now that you’ve done your duty as a son or daughter, let your Mom know that it’s back to business and that she’s taking you to see The Purge. If you want to bridge the gap, let her know that Lena Headey plays the “ultimate Mom” on “Game of Thrones.”