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‘Metro: Last Light’ DLC Incoming, First Pack Available In June



Oh, you’re still here? You’re not a burning, irradiated husk right now? Good for you. In case you haven’t heard already, Metro: Last Light is like, really, really good. If you’ve beaten the game and find yourself itching — as in craving, not the itch you feel as the nuclear radiation seeps itself deep down into your bones, which it’s almost definitely doing right now — to return to the metro, soon, you’ll be able to.

4A Games is working on four A-quality (see what I did there? Professional writer here, no big deal) DLC packs, starting with the Faction pack next month. Deets after the break.

The Faction and Chronicles packs will bring with them new, original single player stories that expand on the Last Light fiction. After that, we’ll get the Tower pack, which will “present a unique solo challenge to Metro veterans,” and that Developer pack, which offers “creative players some interesting tools with which to explore the world of Metro.” What does that mean? I have no idea.

The Faction pack doesn’t have a solid release date yet, but we’ll definitely see it in June. If all of the above sounds simply wonderful to you, then feel free to grab the Season Pass — available for $14.99/£11.99 on Steam, XBLA and PSN — so you can get it all, along with the Abzats semi-automatic shotgun rifle. That sounded like four different guns in one, but what do I know?

WAIT. Before you leave, I’d like to tell you just one more thing. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can get the Season Pass for 25% off through June 4th if you’re in the States, June 5th for everyone else.

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