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Uneven Structure Stream ‘8’ EP Reissue



French progressive metal band Uneven Structure has released a full stream of their EP 8. Originally released in 2009, the band has since “re-worked, re-recorded and re-packaged” the EP to bundle it with their 2011 full length album Februus (which is a fantastic album, I might add).

Guitarist Igor Omodei states, “8, as a collective piece is something we love to play live but the way we do now is quite different from the 2009 EP. So we decided to release this altered version by going back to the drawing board, reworking it, taking advantage of the lineup consolidation and technical progress we’ve been through since the original was out. This is a thank you to our fans for being so supportive and believing in us, and we really hope they will enjoy what we’ve done with it. Whilst they enjoy this, we’re busy in our batcave, working on our second album. We want to get that exactly right as it’s a concept album, the technical aspect is more engaging than on Februus and we’re leaving more room for experimentation which means our writing spectrum is broad as hell.

Described as “…Pink Floyd’s creativity meets Meshuggah’s brutality with a side serving of Devin Townsend’s progressive charm,“, the 8 EP is available to pre-order along with Februus here. You can listen to the full stream below.

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