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Team Up With Your Friends To Battle Hordes Of Monsters In ‘The Red Solstice’



Back when I played StarCraft: Brood War, one of my favorite things to do involved playing community-made horror or zombie maps. There were maps based on The Thing, where a bunch of players would be trapped in a labyrinthine maze with one person playing as the infected, their sole goal to trick and eliminate the remaining survivors. That was fun, but I sunk countless hours into the zombie invasion maps, where your goal was simple: to survive against progressively stronger waves of zombies. This game looks a lot like that.

The Red Solstice is a top-down cooperative shooter, where you and your friends are tasked with mowing down hordes of zombies and various other creatures as you fight your way to safety. There are multiple classes, character customization, and you can play it alone or with up to eight people. See it in action after the jump.

If you wouldn’t mind a little 8-player horror chicanery, you can support The Red Solstice here.

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